Let's Go To The Movies: The Shallows

So, um yeah, I went to the movies again. My sister was in town, and we're both fans of a good horror film, and The Shallows was on the top of my list.

After the death of her mother, medical student and surfer, Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) heads to a secret, secluded beach her mother once told her about; and revels in the fantastic surf and solitude. When Nancy unintentionally gets too close to the feeding ground of a great white shark, things take a horrifying turn. Bitten and stranded on a rock, the shore within her sights, she watches while the lone shark continues to circle just waiting for her to make a mistake. Nancy soon realizes the only way to survive is to fight back.

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. I love horror, but lately can't quite deal with the psycho killers or paranormal stuff. But a killer shark? That's my jam. The trailer was awesome, and I love Blake Lively too.

All that being said...

I didn't love The Shallows. I was pretty disappointed with the special effects of this film. Seriously, there was one part where it looked like they just superimposed her head on another body for a surfing scene. And while there were parts that made me jump here or there, for the most part, it was lacking in suspense. It wasn't all bad though. Blake Lively actually acted the hell out of this film. It was essentially her alone the entire film, and she was captivating. All-in-all, I'd say this was just an okay film.  I wouldn't rush out to the theater to check it out or anything, but it's an alright little B-Horror movie to rent once on DVD.

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