Color Therapy

Adult coloring books seem to have gone from fad to mainstay, and I'm so glad! I've always really enjoyed coloring with my kids. It's fun, creative, and totally therapeutic. Usually, I would end up still coloring long after they had moved on to another activity. So, I was so excited when my awesome niece gave me my first adult coloring book and a set of colored pencils for Christmas last year!
The designs in this thing are so intricate, and it actually takes me a really long time to color just one page. Case in point, I've only completed two pictures so far!!
I don't mind the slow pace though. It totally calms and clears my brain, which is something I sorely need now and then.
I'm sure to be working on this one for a long while yet, but here are a couple more books I've had my eye on.

Do you like to color? Do you use colored pencils or pens? I'm thinking of upgrading to a nice pen set. Oh, and if coloring is not your thing, we have this Extreme Dot to Dot book, and it's very relaxing as well. Madeleine loves it and can easily do pictures that have over 1,000 dots!

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