First Day of School - 1st Grade

We officially have a First Grader! That's right, Monday was Madeleine's first day of school. She requested three things before school started - 1) a rolling backpack (it's this one), 2) knee socks, and 3) a short, spiky haircut!
She's actually been asking for a short, spiky haircut for a ages now, but I kept resisting. She just looked so cute and pretty with her little bob. When I mentioned getting a haircut before school started ...well, her mind still hadn't changed.

I know she wanted a straight up spiky haircut like all her little boy friends have, but I decided to interpret short and spiky as a choppy pixie cut. I took her to my hair stylist too, as I wanted it done right. 
Needless to say she was pleased with the result. It looks super cute on her, but it's definitely a big change. I'm constantly doing a double-take or just sitting and staring at her as I try and get used to the change.

Have your kids started school yet? Does it make you sad or excited? I'm definitely always excited. It's so much fun to see them grow and experience new things! 


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