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For Mother's Day, back in May, Bill said he would take the kids to go visit his dad for a weekend soon, so I could have some alone time at home. It was more than enough that he offered up the gesture, so needless to say, I was super excited when it actually came to fruition. Seamus' daycare was closed Thursday and Friday last week, so Bill packed up the kiddos and headed to California leaving me almost four full days to myself!

When they were all packing up to leave Thursday morning I was sweetly saying to everybody, "Mommy's going to miss you", but on the inside I was feelin' all...
Oh, and I took Thursday and Friday off from work too. There was no way I was going to waste this precious gift working. Uh-huh, no way!

Here's how I spent my time...

Cleaning - That's right, I started the weekend off by doing a crazy deep clean of my bedroom and bathroom. We do okay keeping the house tidy, but these two rooms always get neglected. It was driving me crazy how bad they had gotten, so I blasted my music and spent about 3 hours cleaning them up. I love a good cleaning frenzy, but even more, I love getting to enjoy the freshly cleaned space for a bit before it gets messed all up again.

Swimming - After cleaning, I was so hot and sweaty I headed straight to our pool. It was so relaxing to go for a swim alone and not have to watch or play with anyone. I just swam, floated, and basked in the sun.

Blogging - I then spent a bit of time working on this here blog.

Mani/Pedi - After lunch, I headed to my local nail salon for a manicure and pedicure. I'm pretty sure I got this color on my fingernails and this one on my toes, but don't quote me on that.

Movies - By this time I was good to veg out for a while, so I spent the rest of the night watching movies. I watched Suffragette first, and then after dinner followed it up with Philomena before finally heading to bed.

Sleep - Since I had no one to get up for and no place to be, I slept in big time Friday morning. When I finally did get up, I lounged around in my pajamas most of the day.

Movie/TV - I watched another movie, Promised Land, and then started watching Season 1 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (so fun!)

Friend Time - I headed over to my friend's house in the late afternoon and spent some time with her and her adorable little twin babies. Then, the two of us headed out to the movies and saw The Hunt for the Wilderpeople (check out my review here). We followed that up with a great dinner at the Thirsty Lion Gastropub & Grill (so good).

TV - When I got back home, I watched a few more episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I was totally into it by this point and was in full-on binge mode. I stayed up way too late watching it.

Hair - I couldn't sleep in quite as late Saturday morning, as I had an early hair appointment for a cut and color. By this point, I was feeling pretty good with my newly manicured nails, blow-out, and you know, not being completely sleep deprived for once.

Errands - I stopped by ACE Hardware to pick up a few paint samples for the kitchen, and then went to Sprouts for a few specialty groceries. How cute is this little single serving cheesecake!?! It was so small, but so rich that I still had to spread out eating it over two days.
TV - More binging of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! I'm officially obsessed.

Shopping - I headed to our local shopping area to hit up a few stores I've been meaning to go to for ages - Target, Barnes & Noble, and Charming Charlie's. I picked up this book for myself and a couple of new books for the kiddos too.

TV - You guessed it, more Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Binge watching a TV show is the ultimate time wasting luxury.

Sleep - My last day to sleep in. You better believe I didn't waste this final opportunity.

Workout - By this point I was feeling I had been a little lazy, so I did a full hour of Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis. I'm hoping to get back into my daily workouts, you know, now that I'm feeling all refreshed and motivated after my time alone.

Errands - I wanted to make sure we had food in the house before everyone got back, so I took a leisurely stroll through the aisles of Fry's as I did our weekly grocery shopping.

TV - The family was due back in only a few hours now, so I just relaxed and watched a few more episodes of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend before the crazy started at home again.

Around 2 o'clock, Seamus strolled through the door and gave me the biggest hug I think I've ever gotten from him. It actually made me tear up. My biggest fear was that I wouldn't miss them, but as nice as it was to be alone, it was so nice to have everybody back too. Bill was exhausted, but I let him know how much I appreciated it. For an introvert like me, there is no greater gift then time spent home alone. I told Bill it was both more than enough time, but also not nearly enough. I wonder if we can make this an annual thing?  Just kidding, but you know, also not.

Do you like to be alone? If you have a family, do you get enough of alone time, or do you want more? What would you do with 4 days alone? Tell me about it.

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