2016 Emmys Fashion - Black And White

Black and white is always a classic. Let's take a look!

 Neve Campbell in Christian Siriano
Neve Campbell looked lovely in this black mermaid gown. The lace details on the bodice and hem keep it from being to boring, and I loved the sweetheart neckline and train. It was all styled well with simple accessories, hair, and make-up. Great job, Neve!

 Kirsten Dunst in Givenchy
I loved Kristen Dunst's dress and almost picked it as my favorite of this bunch. There's a lot of visual interest going on here. The satin and sequined structured top half fits perfect, but I think the neckline was a bit too broad. I also would have preferred to see the skirt lined in black. Overall, it was bold and daring (in a good way), and her hair and make-up really complimented the look well too. Nicely done, Kirsten.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Carolina Herrera
Julia Louis-Dreyfus defaulted to her usual awards show style. It's a pretty dress and flatters her, but ultimately comes off as tired when I've seen so many similar looks from her in the past. I liked the fabric, the leather belt detailing, and her hair and accessories all worked as well. Although a bolder lip color would have helped elevate the look. Overall, not bad, Julia. (Also, you're acceptance speech was the best of the night!)

Kerry Washington in Brandon Maxwell
I was digging Kerry Washington's goddess mother look. At first, I wasn't too sure about the cut-outs, but I actually think they are what makes the overall look. That and the hair, which was so perfect. She was right to keep the make-up and jewelry to a minimum. Nothing really needed when you have that perfect pregnancy glow. Beautiful job, Kerry!

 Maura Tierney in Christian Siriano
I applaud Maura for attempting the tea-length gown. It's simple, but the applique details keep it from being too boring. It's borderline twee though, and Maura doesn't quite strike me as a woman who does twee. If it were any other color than black, I don't think she could have pulled it off. Also, I think a different shoe than the basic black pump was called for here. Something strappy or that added a pop of color would have been more fun. Her head styling is pretty great though. Not bad, Maura.

Keri Russell in Stephane Rolland
Moving onto the white gowns, Keri Russell stepped out in this hybrid number - not quite a mini, not quite a gown. The top is too boxy and hides her figure. Then, the sheer train feels like an afterthought someone slapped on at the last minute. Her face is lovely, but the overall look was a miss for me.

Niecy Nash in Christian Siriano
Niecy Nash looked amazing in her white fitted dress. I love the stark white color, which looks gorgeous with her skin tone. The structured bodice fits her perfect, as does the fit overall. I probably would have done without the black clutch, and maybe a sparkly pendant instead of bracelets; but that's about all I would change. Great job, Niecy!  

Julie Bowen in Lela Rose
It's funny, I liked almost everything about Julie Bowen's look except for the dress. I liked the sixties bouffant hair, drop earrings, and gold clutch. But the creamy white of the dress washes her out, and it looks it feels like it is just sort of hanging off her. Basically, she's too thin for this silhouette, and needed less volume in her hair and more in the gown. As is, she's looking a bit like a lollipop. This one was just okay for me.

Tracee Ellis Ross in Ralph Lauren
Tracee Ellis Ross always looks so happy that it almost doesn't matter what she's wearing. Her white Grecian gown is pretty simple. I don't think it needed the cut-out, but that's more my  particular taste than anything else. Her sleek hair, simple make-up, and gorgeous earrings all compliment the look well. It's that smile that is really selling the look though. Great job, Tracee!

 Emmy Rossum in Wes Gordon
It doesn't get more basic than Emmy Rossum's white dress here. The slit is a little high, but other than that, it's not a bad looking dress. I wasn't loving the white shoes, nails, and earrings though. It definitely needed some contrasting elements. Metallic shoes, a pop of color on the nails, and some sparkly jewels would have really elevated the entire look. I did like her side-swept wavy hair and her face (as per usual) looked lovely. Just an okay look for me though.


Michelle Dockery in Oscar de la Renta
There's so much to love about Michelle Dockery's gown. The white brocade fabric should make this dress feel really heavy, but the black piping, ruffles, tiered skirt, and hi-low hem all combine perfectly for a light and bouncy look. The strappy black shoes blend right in with the black piping throughout, and the black belt adds a touch of sparkle that grounds the entire look. The hair and jewelry compliment the look perfect, and I think hers may be the best make-up job of the night - loved that lip color. Absolutely gorgeous, Michelle!

What did you think of this bunch? Do you watch Veep? It's dominated the Emmy's the last few years. I may need to finally check that one out.

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All pictures from here, except for Emmy Rossum's which was from here.

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