2016 Emmys Fashion - Shimmer and Shine

Let's put this year's Emmys fashion recap to bed with one last post showcasing all those sparkly gowns we all love so much. Here we go!

Heidi Klum in Michael Kors
Heidi Klum really loves her a needlessly complicated gown, so this dress came as no surprise. It's better than a lot of stuff I've seen her wear, but I would have preferred if it had been either entirely long sleeved or entirely spaghetti straps. This one of each thing is not working for me. Also, can we just get rid of all cut-outs already? Other than that, the color and fabric were flattering and shoes, jewelry, hair, and make-up were all on point too. Not bad, Heidi.

Sofia Vergara in Atelier Versace
Well, this all seems to be in order. Sofia Vergara is another one that continually wears the same look on the red carpet. For her, it's figure-hugging mermaid gowns. I wasn't a fan of the color - or rather the lack of color. Something bright and bold would have made for a far less forgettable look. The jewelry and hair were the wrong choices as well. I'm afraid this look was a miss for me. 

Emilia Clarke in Atelier Versace
The fit on Emilia Clarke's nude gown is flawless. It's seriously perfect. Another color might have made the look a bit more dramatic; but as far as nude gowns go, this is one of the best I've seen. It almost perfectly matches her skin tone. Her make-up looks great, but I think she could have piled on a bit more jewelry and maybe worn her hair down too. As is, it's still a great look though. Nice job, Emilia.

Judith Light
Judith Light looked fantastic in this silver and nude dress (couldn't find the designer). It fits her great and has a lot of visual interest going on. It's age-appropriate, but also sexy. She totally rocked it. Great job, Judith!

America Ferrera in Jenny Packham
America Ferrera's navy blue number looks far to heavy to be held up by two little spaghetti straps. It's a pity because I really liked the color and sequined fabric. Her hair and make-up look fine, but the jewelry and accessories weren't really helping the look along much. This one was another miss for me.

Abigail Spencer in Jenny Packham
Abigail Spencer looked lovely in this glittery, ruffly, navy blue dress. It suits her slender frame well. Though dark in color, the whole look is coming off light and airy. The fabric is pretty and I liked the bodice, despite there being a lot going on - ruffles, sparkles, plunging v-neck, and netting. It surprisingly all comes together beautifully. Her snow white coloring, great hair and make-up, and pretty accessories and earrings pull the whole look together. Beautiful job, Abigail.

Constance Wu in J. Mendel
Constance Wu's gown was another one that looked gorgeous on stage, but is not coming off quite as good in pictures. The silhouette is different, and she is mostly pulling it off. It's right on the cusp of overwhelming her small frame though. She was right to keep her make-up and hair simple, as the busy dress doesn't need any distractions. The big hoop earrings and string necklace give it all a very 70's vibe. Mostly, though, I just loved the blue and black striped fabric-one of the most interesting of the night. Good job, Constance.

Laverne Cox in Naeem Khan
I feel a bit like broken record, but Lavern Cox's busy dress would have been vastly improved if it had been lined all the way to the floor. With the dress, hair, make-up, jewelry, nails, and clutch all essentially the same color, it's a bit too monotone for my tastes. Keep everything the same, but change the color of the dress (say black) and it would have been a much more striking look. This one was just okay for me.

Claire Danes in Schiapparelli
I almost loved everything about Claire Danes's golden gown. The color, shape, and fabric are all really cool and fresh. But, what's with that weird bit of fabric hanging from a change around her neck? That's a classic bit of overdesigning right there. The natural hair and make-up complicated the look well, but she's looking a bit orange, no? Overall though, I liked it. Good job, Claire.

Amy Poehler in Pamella Roland
I'm still on the fence about Amy Poehler's green dress here. I'm digging the capelet, even if it does make the dress look a bit matronly. I would have ditched the short necklace, bracelets, and clutch and gone for some sparkly chandelier earrings instead. There's enough going on around her neck and wrists that the jewelry is just getting lost. The color is what is really not working for me, though. The dress would have worked far better in a saturated jewel tone. Still, her hair and make-up look lovely and the whole look was different than any other of the night. Not bad, Amy.


Sarah Paulson in Prada 
The moment I saw Sarah Paulson's glittery green gown I knew it was the one to beat. I love everything about this entire look. This gown is gorgeous! The color and bead work is insane - so sparkly! The silhouette is even better - long sleeves, squared shoulders, and the perfect plunging v-neck (notice it's not too wide). Top all that goodness off with a spectacularly styled head and a great pair of earrings. Love, love, love. Fantastic job, Sarah!

Alright, that wraps up the Pretty Handsome review of this year's Emmys. Who was your overall favorite?

All photos from here.

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