Book Report - The Butterfly Garden

I recently read The Butterfly Garden by Dot Hutchison. Here's what I thought.
After being rescued from her kidnapper, a woman, known simply as Maya, recounts to investigators her harrowing ordeal. Held captive in a beautiful garden, her and the other young female captives have each had their backs intricately tattooed to resemble a different butterfly. Their captor, who they refer to as the Gardener, is a fiendish and calculated wealthy man obsessed with preserving his specimens for all eternity. The more she shares though, the more questions the agents seem to have for her. Exactly who is Maya, and why is she so reluctant to tell them the entire truth?

For another free book from Amazon Prime, this was a great read. It was super creepy and kept my interest throughout. There's a mystery aspect to the story, yes, but it's not a high intensity thriller by any means. It's quiet and disturbing and strangely beautiful. It really delves into the characters of the story, and you learn so much about each individual girl in the garden. It focuses a lot on their bonds and friendships and how they need each other to cope with their horrendous circumstances.

The book starts after Maya has been rescued and the kidnapper identified, so the mystery elements are more how they escape, who survives, and Maya's secrets rather than a whodunit story. It kept me fully engaged throughout and maybe more importantly really activated my imagination - it's a very visual story. The entire time I was reading I kept thinking to myself this would make an excellent movie.

If you're looking for an interesting and creepy read (especially as we're just about to enter October); I highly recommend checking out The Butterfly Garden.

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