Book Report - Star Sand

I picked Roger Pulver's, Star Sand as my next free monthly book offered through my Amazon Prime membership.
A diary found alongside three skeletal remains tells the story of Hiromi, a Japanese-American, who at sixteen years old is separated from her family while living in Japan during World War II. One day while collecting star sand on the beach, she discovers two deserters living in a hidden cave by the shore. One Japanese and one American, they don't speak the same language, but are both disheartened and weary from their time as soldiers and have agreed to hide together peacefully in the cave. Hiromi, being fluent in both Japanese and English, starts caring for the men and soon friendships are formed between the three. A new threat emerges though, when a fourth person is brought into the cave. The diary abruptly ends shortly thereafter, leaving the fate of the cave dwellers a mystery begging to be solved.

Sounds intriguing, right?

Unfortunately, I did not like this book at all. Even though it was only about 200 pages, it took me forever to get through it. Nothing was ever drawing me back to it each day, and it soon became a chore or a read. I had no vested interest in the characters and after a while, found the whole thing rather dull.

The first two sections of the book are told from Hiromi's perspective - as if you're reading her diary. The last is told from the prospective of the woman who finds the journal in the present day, and the switch was really jarring.

After you find out who lived and who died in the cave, there's one final twist; but it falls completely flat as there is absolutely no hint of what they reveal as ever being a remote possibility at all. I literally was like, "Wait, what?" Thank goodness that was right at the very end because I was ready to completely abandon the book when that doozy popped up out of nowhere. With just a few pages left though, I dutifully continued on to the end.

I'm not one to not finish I book I start, but if I weren't that sort of person; I almost certainly would have quit Star Sand. Hopefully this review will save you the trouble of ever even starting it in the first place.

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