Disney Project - Treasure Island

It's been ages since I did a Disney Project post. If you're unfamiliar, I'm a big Disney movie fan and thought it would be fun to watch them all in chronological order because...well...basically, I'm a big nerd.

So, next up on the list was the 1950's classic, Treasure Island!
Based on Robert Louis Stevenson's beloved novel, Treasure Island is the tale of young Jim Hawkins (Bobby Driscoll) who discovers a treasure map and soon sets sail with the likes of Long John Silver (Robert Newton) on an exciting and dangerous treasure hunt.

Did you know Monday is Talk Like A Pirate Day? It totally is, so do me a favor before you read any further. I want you to talk like a pirate. I'm serious, in your head or out loud, just talk like a pirate. You know the voice you just did? The "Arrgh, matey" in that oh so familiar pirate accent...well, you have this movie to thank for that.

Or more precisely, you have Robert Newton to thank for it. You see, you're not doing an impression of a pirate. You're doing an impression of Robert Newton's portrayal of Long John Silver from this film.

Seriously, as I was watching the film I could not get over Long John Silver's voice. It was so dead-on "pirate-talk" that mid-movie I was googling it to get some answers. That lead me to this interesting article. To summarize it though, Treasure Island was aired a lot on Saturday mornings back in the 1950's. Thus, an entire generation of kids watched it, and when they played pirates they'd mimic Long John Silver from the film. Then, those kids grew up and when they played pirates with their kids, they taught them that same voice, and so on. Here we are some 60+ years later, and we all now know exactly how to talk like a pirate thanks to Robert Newton.

Now you all have a fun little fact to share come Monday for Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrgh!!!

Have a great weekend!

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