Paint Procrastination

Over Labor Day weekend, we finally painted the kitchen! We had a last minute change of plans on the color though. We had previously picked out Benjamin Moore Beach Plum (see here), but for some reason, I still couldn't pull the trigger.

I decided it was time to just ask an expert - enter Decorist. If you're not familiar, Decorist is an online interior design website. For flat fees, real designers will work with you online and help you design your home. It's a great service I hope to utilize fully one day; but what I really love (and have done a couple of times now) is that you can just ask a question for free and a designer will get back to you within a day with an answer. Any random design question you have, they'll answer it. How cool is that?

So, I asked for some paint color recommendations that would work with the new color of the cabinets (Benjamin Moore Stone Harbor) that were bright and cheerful. They came back with three recommendations, and Bill and I both liked one of them - Benjamin Moore's Barely Teal.
I had tried more than 10 different samples previously, and couldn't make up my mind before this. So, before I could think about it too much, I decided to just buy the color and paint already. Sometimes you just need someone else to make decisions for you, and for some odd reason, this was one of those times for me.

Bill primed over the old green color that was above the cabinets and all my different paint samples, and the next night we got to work. (We actually used this paint and just color matched it.)

I'm happy to report the color turned out great! 
More importantly though, it just finally got painted.
Who knows if this will be the forever color or not, but it's one more thing checked off the list.
And we're finally closing in on the finish.
Remember what it used to look like?
It's crazy what a coat of paint can do.

Here's my list of what still needs to be done.
- Trim out the big window.
- Paint trim (base board on the right and new window trim of both windows)
- New light fixture
- New faucet and reverse osmosis faucet
- New outlet covers (I've decided to do gold instead of white)
- New (smaller/slimmer) garbage/recycle bins
- New window treatments (either make valances or buy new shades/blinds)
- New artwork to hang between the windows

Geesh, well maybe we're not quite almost done, but the big, labor intensive work is just about done. We're finally getting down to the fun stuff! My goal is to have it completely done by the end of the year. You know, because we only started it in February!!

You can catch up on the entire kitchen refresh by checking out any of the links below. Enjoy!
Picking A Paint Color

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish). I just think this is a good service, so I wanted to share.

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