Teeny Tiny Tables

The more I looked this wall in Seamus' room, the more I thought it still looked unfinished. He needed something on either side of the bed to help ground the whole look. I started hunting for something that would work as nightstands for his super low toddler bed.
I really wanted to get these for each side of the bed, but couldn't get over the $99 per price tag. There was no way I was going to spend $200 to achieve the balance I was looking for. That seemed a bit steep for transitional furniture.

Enter IKEA!

I spotted these little stools in the IKEA catalog and thought they would work perfectly as little side tables. Turns out, I was right!
They're the perfect scale/shape to add the balance I was looking for, and are really functional too. Perfect to hold those couple of items every little boy needs by their bed, and you can easily tuck a couple of books underneath as well. 
I'm keeping the natural wood look for now to go with his new dresser (see here).

I'm also working on getting art up on the walls to finish up his room. Seamus' might end up being the first fully completed room in the house!

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