Touring Arizona - Odysea Aquarium

On Labor Day, we decided to check out the new Odysea Aquarium that literally just opened in Scottsdale a few days ago. It seems like they have been building this thing forever, so it was exciting to finally get to go!
I had high hopes, as everything on the website looked so sleek and modern. I convinced myself that this place was going to be awesome. I even bought us an annual pass!

I don't want to say that it fell short of my expectations, but they definitely opened too soon. It was a little rough around the edges in some parts and just plain not done yet in others. The place definitely has potential though, and I look forward to going again after they've completed the space and worked out all the kinks.

There was still a lot of cool stuff to see though.

Like crabs...
and Lionfish...
And eels...
And Sea Lions...
And sharks...
And jellyfish!
All-in-all, it was a fun little family outing. I'm thinking this will be a great place to go (when it's finished) to beat the heat in summertime.
I wish I had a little photo of Seamus to post, but despite being super excited to go and being a huge shark fan right now, he wouldn't go near any of the tanks! Oh well, next time, I guess.

Are you a fan of aquariums? I'm fascinated by the ocean, so I love them. I confess, I also feel a guilty about that too. I don't mind the fish, but there's something about having the larger aquatic mammals in captivity that rubs me the wrong way. At the same time though, I like seeing them and like watching the kids experience them too. I'm definitely anti-SeaWorld though. Did you see Blackfish? There's a Dolphinaris set to open right by OdySea this October. It's been heavily protested here, and I get why (dolphins in the desert?). I haven't decided yet if my SeaWorld boycott will extend to include that place as well. It's not easy always taking the moral high ground, you know? Especially when sometimes you just want to see some dang dolphins.

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