What I'm Watching - Fall Network Premieres

It's that time a year again when all the network TV shows return. I went through the list, and was surprised to find I actually hardly watch any network TV anymore. The TV game has really changed, huh? Almost everything I watch now is on Cable, Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon.

In fact, the only returning network shows I currently watch are: The Big Bang Theory (CBS), New Girl (Fox), Scream Queens (Fox), Modern Family (ABC), and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (CW).

I'm pretty particular about picking up new shows, but there are a couple of new network shows that actually peaked my interest enough this premiere season to give them a try.

First up, NBC's The Good Place.
I'm a big Kristen Bell fan, so I was hoping this one would be as fun as it looked. Turns out, it is! The Good Place is funny and doesn't take itself at all seriously. Plus, it's colorful and innocent and one the entire family can enjoy together. I'm definitely adding this one to my roster.

Next, also on NBC, This Is Us.

I decided to give This Is Us a try because I love Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia (Hello, Jessie from Gilmore Girls!!) The first episode was probably the best premiere I've seen in some time. It sorta blew me away, actually. It was truly touching and completely unexpected. These heavy family dramas seem a bit tired to me (not really my jam anymore), but I enjoyed the premiere enough to give this one a few episodes shot.

Finally, again on NBC, Timeless.
I'm a sucker for a good time travel plot, so I'm intrigued by Timeless. I haven't seen this one yet, as it premieres next week (Mon, 10/3), but I'll tune-in. The costumes alone might make it worth it for me. We'll see if it Timeless ends up being worth my time though (see what I did there?)

Anyway, other than these, there weren't any other network shows I was interested in trying out. I've still got The Walking Dead on AMC and The Mindy Project starting up on Hulu soon, so I think my TV plate is full enough. Speaking of Hulu, that's where I watched The Good Place and This Is Us. It's so nice to not worry about when anything is actually on TV. I just turn on Hulu and almost all my favorite network shows are there. It's literally impossible to miss a TV show these days.

Are there any new TV shows you're excited about this season? What are your old favorites? Is anyone watching Season 2 of Scream Queens? It makes absolutely no sense; but is still making me laugh, so I'm sticking with it for now (plus, hello! John Stamos!). Let's talk TV!


  1. Is Hulu a membership thing like Netflix? I used to watch The Mindy Project and was so bummed when it got moved from Fox.

    1. It is. Bill said it's like $7.99 a month. They have all network shows (except CBS) available the day after they air. Lots of other movies and TV shows too. I swear, between Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon we really don't need cable. We only have it so Bill can watch football.