2016 Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Over the weekend, we headed to MacDonald's Ranch for their annual Pumpkin Festival. My parents were in town, so we thought it would be a fun fall activity to all do together. Because nothing screams fall more than 90 degree heat in October.
This is the third October in a row we've come here to get our pumpkins for Halloween, so we know the drill pretty well by now. There's horseback riding...
Obligatory silly face cut-outs...
Feeding the animals at the Petting Zoo...
Which is always a hit with the kiddos.
Plus an array of other "ranch" activities like panning for gold and lassoing.
Love Seamus's determined little face here. 
We took a train ride out to their patch where we picked out a pumpkin for the family and then each kid picked one out for themselves too. Once we were finished, we took a hayride back to the ranch.
And for my dad who asked why he and my mom are never on the blog, here you go world - meet Mom and Dad!
So, that's this year's pumpkin patch adventure. Care to see how the kids have grown? Check out our our last two visits - Pumpkin Patch and Pumpkin Picking and Painting.

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