Banshee's Got a Brand New Do

I realized I don't post very much about a very important member of our family - Banshee!
Banshee is our 7-year old rescue mutt. We got her when she was about eight weeks old from a shelter in Illinois. She was actually born in Kentucky, and we were told her mother was an Old English Sheepdog. That's actually what drew us to her initially. We were looking forward to when her black puppy coat would turn to grey and she would grow really, really big.

What we got instead was a medium sized black and white dog, which actually ended up being perfect. She did, however, end up with sheepdog hair. Although I like her shaggy look, at a certain point, it ends up covering her eyes and starts to mat up. So, we usually give her a good hair cut about four times a year; just letting it grow out again each time afterwards. 

I thought it would be fun to show a little before, when her hair is at its longest, and the after, immediately post groom. 
Isn't it funny. She looks like a completely different dog!
Let me tell you, she's such a good pup. She mostly sleeps all day, tolerates the kids well enough (but would rather they leave her alone), and prefers me above all else. The minute I sit down on the couch she's usually right up next to me within a few seconds. Although, if you're willing to pet her indefinitely, she'll pretty much cozy up to anyone. A dog's life, am I right?

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