Book Report - Library of Souls

I took a break from the free books being offered through my Amazon Prime membership and got down to reading a book from my never ending "To Read" list. I wanted to finish up the Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children series by Ransom Riggs, so I picked up the third and final installment, Library of Souls.
Peculiar children, Jacob and Emma, embark on a harrowing journey through a dark and dangerous loop to save their imprisoned friends and beloved Ymbryne, Miss Peregrine, from the clutches of the evil Wights and their monstrous Hallogasts. Along the way, Jacob discovers more and more about his particular peculiarity and how to use it to their advantage. From the modern day streets of London to the slums of Victorian England, the fates of our young heroes will be decided as the war between the Peculiars and the Wights comes to its climatic end.

It had been a little while since I read the first two books in this series back-to-back (see here). I really enjoyed the first book with its fun gimmick of incorporating actual old photographs as illustrations and inspiration throughout the story. The second book was not quite as good, but I was still looking forward to reading the third to see how it all wrapped up. Unfortunately, it did not live up to my expectations.

Library of Souls is a journey story as Jacob and Emma go about rescuing their friends. Unfortunately, it was a journey where not a lot seemed to happen, and I felt like I was continuously waiting for the story to start. What I loved so much about the first book were the amazing characters and settings. I loved how all the peculiar children worked together as a unit. With Jacob and Emma going at it alone in book three, I realized how one-dimensional their characters actually were. Even the placement of the photos started to feel forced, and they were sometimes not even relevant to the story. Add in the bleak and dreary setting as well and the book actually became a struggle for me to even finish.

It does, however, all wrap up quite neat and tidy and provides the appropriate closure to end the series. I suppose in that way I was pleased with the book. However, I'm not sure the story of these peculiar children was really worthy of a full three-book series. The story would have benefited if the three novels were edited down considerably and just been turned into a really good one-and-done book instead.

I'm still interested in seeing the film though. Has anyone seen it yet? I'm wondering why they switched Emma's peculiarity? Emma is supposed to manipulate fire, but they show her as the one who can float instead. How peculiar!

P.S. Eva Green looks exactly how I imagined Miss Peregrine. Perfect casting there.

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