Bill and I celebrated our eighth wedding anniversary earlier this month. I was so busy at work that I barely remembered, plus we had mentioned going out to dinner later in the month. So, I was actually surprised when Bill presented me with a new Lego set!

He got me the Palace Cinema - 10,232 pieces of brick building fun.
Last weekend, I got to work.
I wasn't especially into Legos as a child or anything, but as the kids started playing with Duplo and now Lego, I realized how much I was enjoying following the instructions and putting the structures together.
I had mentioned to Bill I wanted an adult Lego set, and he got me the Parisian Restaurant set for my birthday (see here - and yes, I am wearing the same shirt above as I was in that old post).
Like adult coloring books (see here), I find putting these sets together therapeutic. They're a great way to reduce stress and I find they relax and calm me.
I also love how intricate the sets are. There's so much detail!
My favorite part was putting together the "Palace" sign. How cool is it that it's someone's job to figure out how to put bricks together to make these things?
Maybe someday I'll have enough sets to make a whole little town!
Back to our anniversary though, we did get out to eat at a nice restaurant in Scottsdale, Lon's. I highly recommend it if you're ever in the area.

I can't believe it's been eight years already! It feels like it was just yesterday, but at the same time, I'm amazed how far we've come. Here's to Legos and love!

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