When last we left off, I had purchased the below table for a steal (see here), then rushed to pick up the matching chairs before they went on clearance and weren't available anymore - total impulse buy.

I was digging this look. I was fine with this look. But...these chairs ended up being so UNCOMFORTABLE! You can probably tell from the photo below, but there was no sort of curving or indentations on them to coincide with the natural curves of your body. They were just too straight and stiff, and with the amount of time I spend sitting at the kitchen table were not going to work. I was totally bummed.
You see, we had ordered them online, put them together, and trashed all the packaging, so I didn't think we'd be able to return them. Plus, we'd been using them daily for weeks. I thought I could live with it; but after a very uncomfortably spent work-from-home day, I decided to investigate whether or not I could still return them. My online receipt said I was still within the return time frame, so I called up Target to double check it was okay to return to them in-store since they were already assembled. Turns out, they were totally fine with it. No questions asked.

I love Target!!

With that done, it was time to find some new chairs. We had spied these babies at a recent trip to IKEA. Bill and I both liked them, and they were super comfortable. They have a nice wide seat and when you lean back they rock a bit. The day after returning the Target chairs I went and picked them up.
I like the modern element they bring to the room. Buyer's remorse is the worst, so I'm glad I was able to get something I was happy with in the end.
Oh, and the kids had a blast "helping" Bill put these together. Here's Madeleine, long after they were already put together, just tightening things up.
The Great Kitchen Refresh of 2016 is almost at an end. All that's left is a light (which has been ordered), a picture, and a new faucet!

If you're not up to speed, check out these past posts to follow the entire process.

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