2016 Halloween Costumes

I'm not sure there were ever two kids as excited as Madeleine and Seamus were on Halloween when it finally came time to go Trick-or-Treating. As far as costumes, Madeleine decided to be Captain Jake from the Disney Jr. show, Captain Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Seamus wanted to be a ghost. Not just any ghost mind you, but a ghost with eye holes and arm holes. For months we've been hearing about it from him, so it was fun to finally put it together. Adorable, right?
Seamus kept walking around wiggling his fingers and saying, "oooh." He loved it. Unfortunately, it was better in theory than actuality. Whenever he would look down while walking the eye holes would shift and he couldn't see. He lasted about two blocks in it, before we just ditched it and he did the rest of his Trick-or-Treating in a white shirt and shorts. Good Grief!
I'd like to say Madeleine fared better, but she had already ditched the bandana and boots before we even got out the door. A few blocks in, I was holding her hat for her. Then, finally, she was so hot, that the jacket came off too. That's Trick-or-Tricking for you in Phoenix.
All-in-all, they only lasted about a mile before they were begging to come home. Lightweights these two. Oh well, at least they're cute.
They also made out like bandits. Both of them almost completely filled their pumpkins.
 We're going to be eating Halloween candy until Christmas!
So, there you have it; another Halloween in the books. How was yours? If you have kids, what did they dress up as? What did you dress up as? One of these years I plan on going all out on a Halloween costume for myself; like full on Comic-Con worthy. Someday.

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