2016 Turkey Trot

Even though we were in Illinois for Thanksgiving this year, we decided to continue our Turkey Trot tradition and participate in the McHenry Turkey Trot for Hospice.
My sister, Brenda, and her two kids did the trot with us this year. It was fun to introduce them to our little tradition, even though it was a lot colder than we've become used to. (Not even 40°F. Geesh!) 
We were sans stroller for the first time this year too, and we didn't even come close to finishing the full 5K. My kids are wimps - they were complaining about being tired and asking to be carried starting about a mile in. Seriously, we were dead last at one point.
Eventually though, we stumbled across the finish line. Hooray!

When I'm in the middle of activities like this, I always think they're more trouble than their worth; but I like that it's a tradition we started with our own little family when we moved to Phoenix. It gets a little easier each year, and I can't wait for the Thanksgiving when we all actually run the whole thing together (and you know...finish it). Hopefully it will be one of those things the kids always remember and continue with their own families some day.

I think the best part of this year's Turkey Trot was that it completely tired Seamus out, and he ended up falling asleep on the floor for about 3 hours when we got home.
It made for a very relaxing Thanksgiving morning. Speaking of which, I spent it watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade and The National Dog Show. All my sisters and their families then joined us at my parents, and we had a really great Thanksgiving dinner. It was fun to catch up, and the kids all had a blast playing with each other. It was definitely a long day, but also, over too quick.

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