All I Want For Christmas

I dropped putting together "Crush Lists" this year, but I thought I'd throw one together here yet at the end of year for old time's sake. Well, full disclosure, these are things I want for Christmas, so you know, had to put it out there in the universe for the hubby and my parents.
1. 14K Yellow Gold Ball Stud Earrings (4mm) - I have my ears double pierced, but haven't worn earrings in the second holes for ages. I want to open them back up again, but there's no way I'm putting anything other than 14K gold in them after being closed for so long. Some small gold balls will go with everything in the interim.

2. Wine Tasting Journal - I'd like to start building back up the old wine collection, and I thought this would be a fun way to get back into it. I'll be able to start jotting down wines I try and like (or don't like) for future reference. This journal intrigued me, as there's a place to put the wine label on the page as well.

3. Minnetonka Kilty Hardsole Mocassins (Dusty Brown | Size 6.5) - Classic and comfortable, and they remind me of my childhood too.

4. Beats Solo3 Wireless Headphones (Rose Gold) - Although I've been enjoying my work's new open concept office, sometimes I just need to drown out the noise. I've been wearing my iPhone earbuds, but after wearing them for hours in my ears sometimes; they really start to bother my ears. Some over the ear headphones should do the trick, and I'm loving the pretty rose gold color.

5. Mother Amazon Linen 23" Pillows (2 of them) - I can never get enough throw pillows, and the color/pattern on these are so right up my alley. I have the perfect spot all picked out for them too.

So, those are some fun things I've been eyeing up. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

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