The Grass Is Greener In This Yard

Back in May, I told you how we tore out the back walkway that went from the patio to the pool (see here). Remember, it used to look like this.
Then, we jackhammer-ed the cement stones up, and it sat like this for months. Pretty, right? And you know, not at all dangerous for a 3 and 5 year old to run around.
So, we decided to spring for winter grass this year (that's a thing here in Phoenix - summer grass and winter grass) and worked with a lawn care company to level out the path and seed it in early October.

Now it looks like this!
So, much better, right? I love that there's no disruption to the yard now. We usually always where flip-flops out to the pool too, so I'm not really concerned about not having a path to there anymore. We may lay some sort stone path yet, but for now, I'm so happy with the all grass look.
I'm also happy that the temperature has finally dropped and we get to spend time outside again. The kids just let themselves in and out of the house to play, and I actually get a little bit of quiet time in the house again. Yay!

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