2016 Interior Christmas Decor

The wondrous white Christmas tree wasn't the only holiday decoration in the house. I tried to put little touches of Christmas all throughout to give us all a bit more holiday cheer this season.

The family room got our green artificial tree that we used to put in the living room. It's funny because it always looked so small in the living room, but in the family room it suddenly looked huge. I didn't realize how wide it was. We made it work though, and ended up putting it where our brown leather chair usually resides. The chair got moved to the other side of the room by the fire place.
This tree has no theme. It's a mix of all my ornaments: Hallmark, Old World Christmas, gifts, and even the homemade ones from the kids. The tree skirt was made by my mom decades ago. It was the one we always used on our trees while I was growing up.
I added my mercury trees that I've had forever along with a few snow globes on top of the chest next to the tree. The white and red bottomed globes came from Target last year, but the one in the middle I got from Gump's and gave to Madeleine on her very first Christmas.
Moving left around the room, I flanked the TV with some small poinsettias and my snowflake lanterns I've had forever.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and that's about it over here. I got the trees covered, but surprisingly, I don't have a whole lot of decorations for the rest of the home. I love the kids's stockings though (they're from here). The nutcracker was a gift from my mom and dad ages ago, and I picked up the glittery gold statue of the holy family last year at Target. I don't think the statue quite goes with the more woodsy look of the stockings and nutcracker, but I didn't have anywhere else to put it. I had planned to get some larger poinsettias to flank the fireplace, but alas, I forgot in the end.
Moving into the powder room, I just added a few festive hand towels I got from Kohl's a few years back. I know, really exciting stuff right here.
Then, in the kitchen, I added a few vintage stained glass MakIt&BakIt suncatcher kits I made as a kid. We also put out our Melissa & Doug Advent calendar tree here as well. The kids love putting a new ornament on it each day. 
I lined my big kitchen window with all the Christmas cards we received from family and friends. It's such a nice way to enjoy their smiling faces all season long; especially since we won't be seeing any of them this Christmas.
The oven got a couple of Christmas hand towels from Kohl's a few years back.
On the other counter top corner I added a little Santa mug and pitcher I got as a gift a few year's ago from my sister.
Finally, the pantry door was the perfect place to hang Banshee's stocking.

Moving to the living and dining rooms. I showcased the tree in my last post (see here), but that's not all that was going on in there.
We wound garland up the staircase banister, and then topped the baluster with a Santa hat.
I added my Santa cookie jar and salt and pepper shakers to my dining room table. They match the mug and pitcher set up in the kitchen.
And I set up my nativity on top of the bar, along with some Waterford crystal bells, and Bill and my childhood stockings. Bill's is the Mrs. Claus one. Funny story, it was knit by an Aunt before he was born, and she thought he was going to be a girl, so Mrs. Claus it was and still is today.
On the living room side, I added my little red Waterford crystal Christmas tree (a gift from my mom) to the round coffee table.
Finally, the entryway got a little sparkle by way of my wreath, reindeers, and tinsel trees. They're all pretty old and were bought at various times not necessarily meant to go together, but I like how it all ended up working.
So, that's what's going on inside the house this Christmas. I think parts of the living and dining room came together nicely, but I have a bit of work to do in the family room. It's a bit of a hodge-podge of different design styles in there, but you know, all in good time.
Finally, I managed a fun picture of the family room tree lit up at night too. I love how the colors are all bouncing off the walls and floor. So pretty!

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