I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas...


Yes, it finally happened. I got the white Christmas tree that I have always wanted. After Christmas last year I snagged one on sale from Grandin Road (pretty sure it was this one here.) It's 7.5 feet tall and came pre-lit with white lights. It's also coated with a white flocking, which gives it a real lifelike look (well, as lifelike as a white tree can look), but was really kind of messy too. After I got it all up, I totally had to vacuum all this white stuff up that had fallen off during the whole decorating process.
I decided to decorate it with a jewel-toned theme. They're my favorite colors, and it instantly matched the decor of the rest of the living room. I used a mix of ornaments I already owned and picked up a few boxes of jewel-toned glass balls from Target (these, these, and one other set I'm not seeing online). I also got the white furry tree skirt from Target too.
I picked up some turquoise Christmas ribbon (obviously from Target too), and following this nifty little tutorial, I made the bow topper. I wish I could say it came together as easily as she does it, but it was definitely a labor of love for my little inexperienced crafting hands.
It looked really fun and festive in the living room against all the other jewel tones we have in there already.
I was genuinely pleased with how it all turned out, although I think I was a little light on the ornaments and the ribbon ended up shorter than I wanted. Is it wrong that I'm already brainstorming ideas for next year's look?
And of course, I'm already wishing I had gone bigger. There's really no satisfying me, but it's more narrow than our old tree, and with our tall ceilings it looks kind of small. (I know, I know - first world problems.) We could totally fit a 12 footer in there though. I haven't really seen white ones that big though, and those big trees are generally super expensive too.

So, for now, I'm loving my little white tree. Oh, and you better believe it's totally "my tree". I wouldn't even let the kids help me decorate it. Bill only got to help because I needed his height, and they all refer to it as "Mom's Tree" too.

Before you think I'm a total monster who won't let their kids decorate a Christmas tree. We put our old one up in the family room and decorated that one as a family. I'll be back soon with a rundown of how that turned out along with the rest of our Christmas decorations too. Stay tuned!

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