My Top Ten Christmas Movies

I'm in full on Christmas mode already. Anyone who reads the blog knows I'm a pretty big movie buff, so to start the season off, I thought I'd share some of my favorite Christmas movies! Watching any of these is sure to put you in the holiday mood immediately. Enjoy!

1.  A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story is my favorite movie to start off the Christmas season. I like to watch it right after Thanksgiving. The antics of Ralphie and his family remind us all of those crazy Christmas memories each family has and loves to start sharing again each year. Plus, it reminds me of my dad, and how I imagine his childhood was probably kind of like.

2.  The Holiday

A classic Nancy Meyers romantic comedy, and it takes place at Christmas time to boot! Personally, I'm partial to the Cameron Diaz/Jude Law story line. Wouldn't you love to spend Christmas in a cozy little snow covered English cottage?

3.  Elf

Bill and I used to watch this while we decorated our Christmas tree each year. So many great Christmas quotes from this one, and I swear, each time I watch it I catch a new joke. That's shocking!

4.  Just Friends

A little raunchy, but so so funny! It's not exactly your classic holiday film, but it cracks me up every time. Anna Faris is hilarious in this one.

5.  Christmas with the Kranks

I randomly watched this one with my eldest niece one Christmas (funnily enough, also named Emily), and thought it was great. Super cute, and now always makes me think of her.

6.  The Muppet Christmas Carol

There's something about this adaptation of A Christmas Carol that I just love. It's so innocent, and Michael Caine is brilliant, I swear, you'll forget he's acting with Muppets. He's makes a great Scrooge and the music in this one is really fun too.

7.  Little Women

My favorite adaptation of one of my favorite novels. Little Women makes me cry, laugh, and smile every time. If you're a "Christmas means family" kind of person, this is the film for you.

8.  White Christmas

There are a lot of great old Christmas movies out there, but White Christmas is definitely my favorite. I've always loved Danny Kaye, and there's nothing like Bing Crosby's crooning at Christmas time. It's a colorful classic that gets me every time.

9.  Love Actually

OMG I love this movie. Practically each story is good enough to warrant its own movie, but the fact that they're all in one and all interconnect, it's Christmas storytelling at its best.

10.  Christmas Vacation

If I had to pick an absolute favorite though, nothing beats Christmas Vacation. We all start out the season intending to have the perfect Christmas experience; but as the season ticks by, work, family, and life in general continually test our limits. Watching Clark Griswold start off strong and then totally lose it by Christmas Eve is something each of us can relate to. Thankfully, he finds his way back again and reminds us all to relax a little and enjoy the season.

What are your must-see Christmas films? Are you a fan of the old classics or the new?

I also remember some random crazy old ones from my childhood that I'd love to watch again to see why they've stuck in my head all these years - Santa Claus: The Movie starring Dudley Moore, Jim Henson's The Christmas Toy, and one random movie starring Wilfred Brimley that I cannot for the life of me track down. I just remember him, a reindeer, and I swear it was called "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear", but my memories aren't coinciding with anything I've been able to find yet. Sometimes I think it might be that movie, Prancer because the reindeer seems right, but that has Sam Elliot in it and not Wilfred Brimley. Who knows, maybe I'm actually remembering two different movies. Most likely, it was some random Hallmark Made-For-TV film from the '80's that I'll never find. I just think it's funny these little tidbits have stayed with me so long.

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