2017 Golden Globes Fashion - A Dress Is A Dress Is A Dress

Today I have a group of dresses that really have nothing in common other than they are all being worn by women far more beautiful and talented than me, and well, I just wanted to talk about them. Let's take a closer look.

Natalie Portman
Nominee, Natalie Portman, had a whole sixties vibe going on in this yellow Prada gown (very apropos since she was nominated for her portrayal of Jackie Kennedy, no?). The style suits her, and the color bold; but the dress looks like it's wearing her and not the other way around. She gets my automatic pregnancy pass though, as I'm sure comfort was top priority here. Not bad, Natalie. 

Felicity Jones
I may be in the minority here, but I kind of liked Felicity Jones's nude and pink Gucci gown. The black accents anchor the soft colors, and there's a lot of visual interest and movement going on - plus a cute metallic bow! Her hair and make-up complimented the look well. Way to bring a little whimsy to the red carpet, Felicity!

Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana wore this two-toned pink dress, which was also Gucci. There's a lot of pink and a lot of ruffles going on here. It's all very soft and frilly and feminine, which is fine, but her severe hair and barely there make-up felt like styling for a very different dress than this. I'm afraid this one was a miss for me.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski wore this yellow Reem Acra number. The color works well for her, and she can pull off the slinky look. It was a little over-designed for my taste, what with the strange silver stripe right down the middle. The shoes were underwhelming as well, but I loved her hair and make-up. It's not my favorite look, but I'll admit she wears it well.

Brie Larson
Red was not a popular color at this year's Golden Globes, so Brie Larson really stood out in this scarlet Rodarte dress. The sweetheart neckline, sparkly, and criss-crossed bodice all draw your eye upward to her lovely styled face. With so many interesting dresses this year, this felt like a pretty tame dress in comparison, but you can't deny - pretty is pretty. Good job, Brie!

Issa Rae
Nominee, Issa Rae wore this white Christian Siriano number. I loved this whole look. The stark white looks great against her skin. The fit is impeccable and it's accessorized really well. Everything is setting off her flawlessly styled head perfectly. Great job, Issa!  

Janelle Monáe
Nominee, Janelle Monáe, brought her fun graphic style to the red carpet. She almost always wears big black and white numbers, so this was no surprise. The dress is super cute and perfect for her, and I loved the hair too. The make-up and shoes felt like a missed opportunity though. A bright red pop of color on the lips and a more interesting shoe would have really finished off the look more to my tastes. Still, this is loads of fun. Good job, Janelle!

 Carrie Underwood
Presenter, Carrie Underwood, wore this interesting Iris Serban number. I was a fan of the frilly rose inspired bodice, but the dress lost me with the bubble-gum pink color. The effect would have been much more dramatic in a darker or jewel toned color. As is, the whole thing felt a little too Barbie to me.  

Riley Keough
Nominee, Riley Keough, wore this Chanel Houte Couture black gown. Again, the word over-designed comes to mind. There's just too much going on here from the two different fabrics, the pleating, the diamond and triangle shapes throughout too; it's like they patched a bunch of different dresses together. Unfortunately, another miss for me.


Sienna Miller
Sienna Miller looked the very definition of California cool in this white Michael Kors gown. I actually liked these cut-outs and how they gave the bodice a very crop-top feel. The big sparkly earrings and rings combined with the various sized pearls of the necklace and bracelets all mix well; as does the black clutch, which really pops against all that white. The barely there make-up and messy hair make the whole ensemble feel effortlessly chic. Way to go, Sienna!

All photos from here, except Janelle Monáe, Carrie Underwood, and Riley Keough which were from here.

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