Legos, Lights, and Landscapes

Right after Christmas, two of my sisters came for a visit along with my niece and nephew. The Phoenix Zoo had two fun exhibits going on. They had a special Lego exhibit with 25 or so life-sized Lego creations of different animals or scenes sprinkled throughout the zoo and their annual ZooLights display, so we decided to check them both out.

First up, Legos! The official name was Nature Connects: Art With Lego Bricks. We had a lot of fun running through the zoo trying to find them all, plus we saw a lot of cool real animals too.
Each creation had a little sign that would tell you the number of bricks and the number of hours it took to build.  
I was amazed at the scale and detail of them all.  
I also remarked that building large Lego statues may actually be my dream job. I don't want to design them though. Just give me the instructions and thousands and thousands of bricks and leave me alone. I'd be in heaven.
The whole thing was just very cool.
We stayed until the zoo closed, then left to get a bite for dinner nearby. Once the sun went down though, we were back at the zoo for Zoolights!
The whole zoo was lit up in Christmas lights. They also had large scale lighted animal sculptures too. Seamus loved this rattle snake.
So much color and creativity.
I think every tree in the entire zoo was covered with lights.
It definitely helped to maintain that magical Christmas feeling for me a little bit longer.
The lighted animals were very cool, but I couldn't get over the trees. Amazing!
They even had lights set to music sparkling over their little lake.
Both these events were just so much fun, and I'm glad we took the time to see them. (If you're local, the Lego event is over now, but ZooLights runs through January 15th.)

The next day, we headed guessed it, Sedona! It's become my go-to day trip now whenever guests come visit. I mean, if you're going to come all the way to Arizona, you might as well see some cool scenery, and nothing quite beats the amazing red rocks found there.

This trip, we checked out the Chapel of the Holy Cross. It's a lovely little Catholic chapel built right into the cliffs.
It was tough to find parking (especially for two vehicles) and a bit of a hike to the top, but definitely worth it. There were a lot of tourists, but everyone was very respectable inside the chapel as small as it was. Very peaceful and serene
Such a gorgeous place; so much color and texture everywhere you look.
It really makes you feel small and insignificant, which is a good thing to feel every now and then. It helps to keep life in perspective.
Anyway, after getting lunch and strolling through town, we drove to another vantage point for some more great views.
Funnily enough, as many times as I've been here now, I have yet to do my dream Sedona trip. I'd love to spend the weekend hiking and horseback riding then shopping and spa-ing. It's not going anywhere though, so all in good time.

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