Let's Go To The Movies - La La Land

You guys, I finally saw La La Land, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more!

Struggling actress, Mia (Emma Stone), meets struggling jazz musician, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), in a modern day love story full of magic and music.

Loved it!

Seriously, I don't think there could a more perfect movie for me.

First off, it's a musical and an original one at that. The music is beautiful (already bought the soundtrack) and runs the gambit from sweeping dance numbers to hauntingly lyrical ballads; with a whole lot of jazz thrown in there as well. Then, you better believe all that great music means a whole lot of dancing. Big ensemble numbers, small soft shoe numbers - heck, there's even dancing in space! The music and choreography perfectly tell the story of Mia and Sebastian falling in love.

And that's when the music stops.

Mia and Sebastian are now together and in love, but they each still have their own passions and dreams outside of each other. And, as we all know, real-life can't always be singing and dancing. The middle portion of the film takes a darker turn and the score turns moodier as the characters grapple with the true costs of going after their dreams and whether or not those dreams are even still worth it to them anymore. It's sad to watch, yet there's so much truth and beauty to it that's it simply captivating.

The music and color return by the film's ending as we're transported five years into the future. It may not end the way you'd expect, but don't worry, they somehow magically give you both the realistic and the happily ever after ending simultaneously in one amazing scene.

I loved the costume design of this film as well. Gorgeous bright and saturated colors throughout; such memorable dresses and even wingtips! Let me tell you, they used every avenue available to them to tell this story - music, dancing, costume, and even settings too. Each was as critical to the telling of the story as the actors' performances.

Speaking of which, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are wonderful together. They may not be the strongest singers out there, but they're amazing chemistry makes them an absolute joy to watch. True movie stars those two.

Let me tell you, I cried this entire movie. I cried tears of happiness, then sadness, then happy and sad together, and basically just cried throughout as it moved me in such a way a film hasn't done in ages, if ever. (I'm seriously getting teary eyed just writing and thinking about it all again).

I cannot recommend this film enough. It's fresh and fun and makes for a true movie-going experience. Go see it on the big screen now!

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