My Fashion Uniform

I've been wanting to do more personal fashion posts, but I've been a little unsure whether I had anything interesting or useful to contribute to the conversation of clothes. Plus, there are a lot of really great fashion blogs out there already. However, a lot of them seem really unattainable to me. Either the blogger looks like they could be a straight up model or the prices are way out of my league. I really love fashion though (plus recently lost about 20 pounds, so feeling more confidant than usual), and thought I'd go ahead and give it a try. So, for all you short, curvy, regular gals out there, let's talk clothes!

I basically have a fashion uniform, and this is it. A henley blouse, skinny jeans, and ballet flats. I also try to accent with some fun jewelry whenever I can.
Why does this outfit work so well for me? First, a henley blouse is flattering on all, but it's especially flattering on my body type. I try to stay away from anything that hugs my stomach area (hello, two kids!!). The drape of a henley works well to camouflage your mid-section. I'm also on the busty side and can't really do button down shirts (they gap between the buttons across at the chest). The little pintuck on this v-neck brings just enough structure for the ideal fit and flare fit. The cream blouse also has a bit of texture and a nice tone-on-tone pattern for some added visual interest.

Moving on to the jeans. Again, the skinny jean is pretty universally flattering. When you're carrying a few extra pounds you want to streamline your silhouette as much as possible. Skinny jeans don't add any extra bulk to your legs and have a great slimming effect. They're called skinny jeans because they make you look skinnier, not because they're only for skinny women. Then, the blackish color is a fun change of pace from your ordinary blue jean.

Finally, the shoes. Ballet flats are classic and comfortable. While I love a great heel, I've come to terms with my height (4'11" for the win!) and find I like the ease of movement a great flat can provide. The burgundy color brings a little contrast keeping what is essentially a basic black and white outfit from being too boring.

I especially love this look because it can easily get me through an entire day. My day job has a very casual dress code - jeans and sneakers allowed daily. So, it's more than pulled together enough for the office, comfortable enough for all the after work running around I need to do as a mom, and just dressy enough to go out to dinner and a movie with friends.

A closer look at a few details.
I echoed the cream of the blouse in my choice of earrings.
A delicate gold necklace is versatile and goes with everything.

Blouse: Cream henley blouse (similar here)
Pants: Old Navy Mid-Rise Rock Star Jeans (similar here)
Jewelry: Kate Spade Disco Pansy Flower Stud Earrings | Pottery Barn Kids Gold Name & Date Tag Necklace (similar here)

I'm looking forward to building a new wardrobe as most of my current clothes including all shown here are getting too big for me! My goal is to build a really versatile wardrobe. Ideally, I'd like to be able to make at least three distinct outfits with each piece of clothing I own, and I plan to share them all with you! Stay tuned!

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