2017 Oscars - Nominees and Winners

Did you guys watch the Oscars? How crazy was that Best Picture mishap? Are you ready to talk dresses? Let's get started.

First, I have to say, that I was really, really disappointed with the Oscar fashion this year. There was hardly any color, and I thought no real standout looks either. Still, it's fun to break it down.

I thought I'd do things a little different this time around. Instead of categorizing them, let's just start by looking at all the extremely talented women nominated for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress this year instead.

Viola Davis
First up, winner, Viola Davis wore this fire engine red Armani Privé gown. The bold, bright color looked amazing with her skin tone. The fit is flattering and the halter and dropped sleeves add a bit of visual interest too. I wish the clutch had been gold like the bracelet, but that's about my only complaint. Her hair and make-up complimented the look well. Great job, Viola! Also, I was so happy she won!! Very well deserved. 

Naomie Harris
Naomi Harris wore this white Calvin Klein dress. I was very confused by this look. First, it's not really up to the caliber I'd expect from a nominee. Heck, it's hardly even presenter worthy. The color looks great on her, and the sequined material is very pretty. She lost me at the weird train though, and I wasn't a fan of the peek-a-boo cut-out either. All that combined with the crazy opposite shoes made this look a big ole miss for me.  

Octavia Spencer
Octavia Spencer wore this silver, feathered Marchesa gown. I loved the skirt; so much fun! The silhouette is flattering on her; and her hair, make-up, and jewelry were all lovely as well. I was bummed by the color, or lack thereof though. A pretty pastel blue or mint green would have really made a statement. Still, she looked great and it was actually one of the better gowns of the night. Lovely job, Octavia. 

Ruth Negga
Ruth Negga took a risk in this red, prairie-style Valentino number, and I think it paid off in spades. The fit is great on her and the lace is quite pretty. The color flatters her, and I even like the red on red on red with the dress, make-up, and jewelry. How fun that she wore a tiara! This was one of my favorites of the night. Great job, Ruth!! 

Michelle Williams
Michelle Williams wore this black and white Louis Vuitton gown. It's simple and classic and oh-so-very Michelle Williams, right? I would have loved to see her take more of a risk, but there's something to be said for sticking to your own personal style too. Flawless face as per usual. Nice job, Michelle.     

Meryl Streep
Moving on to the Best Actress nominees, Meryl Streep wore this navy blue Elie Saab number. Normally, I can totally get around what I call the Auntie Mame look (i.e. pants/gown combo), but here I felt the front panel of the skirt distracted from that classic silhouette. Loved the color and all the sparkle though. Good job, Meryl. 

Isabelle Huppert
Isabelle Huppert wore this white, sparkly Armani Privé dress. The dress in itself is pretty, but it looks far too big for her. I also wasn't a big fan of the belt. Still, it's age appropriate and she looks very distinguished. Ultimately, just an okay look for me though.

Nicole Kidman 
Nicole Kidman wore this embellished nude Armani Privé dress. It suits her statuesque frame and has a bit of visual interest, but again, I was disappointed by the lack of color. Her make-up and hair looked pretty though - loved that red lip!


Emma Stone
Winner, Emma Stone, looked like an Oscar statue herself in this golden Givenchy gown. It was, by far, one of the best looks of the night. I thought the fit was a little off at the straps (they seemed too long), and honestly, didn't love the transition to the fringe (a little too abrupt), but there's so much sparkle and movement going on here it more than makes up for my any quibbles. The hair, make-up, and jewelry all complimented the look perfectly. Beautiful job, Emma!!

Viola Davis's photo from here.
Michelle Williams's photo from here.
Meryl Streep's photo from here.
Ruth Negga, Emma Stone, and Octavia Spencer's photos from here.
Isabelle Huppert, Nicole Kidman, and Naomi Harris's photos from here.

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