2017 Oscars - Presenters: Part 1

Today, let's take a look at some of the presenters from the ceremony. Presenters don't necessarily have to have that perfect statement dress, but it always makes things fun when they do. Let's take a look.

 Brie Larson
First up, last year's Best Actress winner, Brie Larson wore this black Oscar de la Renta gown. The hair was a little lackluster and I wasn't a fan of the neckline. Those were my only complaints though. I loved the ruffled train, shoes, make-up, and jewelry. Good job, Brie!

Alicia Vikander
Last year's Best Supporting Actress winner, Alicia Vikander, wore this black Louis Vuitton dress. I wasn't a fan of the lace and the draping of the skirt. The sweetheart neckline, sleeves, and necklace were all lovely though. Again though, disappointed by the hair. This one was just okay for me. 

Sofia Boutella
Sofia Boutella wore this silver sequined and feathered Chanel number. The sparkle is fun, but the transition to the feathers was a little abrupt. I would have lost the feathers completely or started the transition closer to her waist. Also, her muscular physique and blunt bangs compete with the frills of the dress. I would have loved to see her in something more severe and edgy. This one was a miss for me. 

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston wore this slinky, black, Versace dress. The hair and make-up were underwhelming, but there's no denying she looks fantastic. Great job, Jennifer!

 Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann, a personal favorite of mine, wore this yellow Zac Posen gown. The bust was a little wonky, what with the little sailor bow, and I couldn't tell if the fabric was wrinkled or if that was intentional. Still, her hair and make-up looked great, and the yellow really stood out amongst all the black and colorless gowns. 

Halle Berry
Halle Berry wore this black and nude Versace dress. As an overall look, I thought there was too much going on here. The black criss-crosses were okay, but when it transitioned into feathers it became less sleek and instead just busy. Then there's the big hair, which I loved, but would have been far better showcased set against a simpler gown. This one was just okay for me.

Salma Hayek
Selma Hayek wore this black lace Alexander McQueen number. I was on the fence with this one. I was happy to see it was fully lined (other than that little bit on her tummy), but would have preferred a black lining to the nude. Also, that's a lot of bust for those two little spaghetti straps too support; yet they actually seem to being getting the job done as there's no denying her boobs look great here. The hair, make-up, and accessories all accent the look well, so I think I'll have to say I ultimately liked this look. Good job, Selma! 


Amy Adams
Amy Adams wore this silver Tom Ford number. The hair, earrings, and silhouette of the gown had a great Old Hollywood vibe. I loved the liquid silver effect of the material, and hello, long sleeves!! It looks to be a skosh tight at the bust, but as an overall look, definitely one of the best of the night. Beautiful job, Amy!

What did you think of this batch of gowns? Do you agree or disagree with me? Did you think Amy Adams was snubbed a nomination? I didn't see Nocturnal Animals, but didn't think her performance in Arrival was particularly award worthy or anything.

Jennifer Aniston's photo from here.
Leslie Mann's photo from here.
Amy Adams's photo from here.
All other photos from here.

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