2017 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Men

We can't forget about that special man in your life.  Here's a few great Valentine's Day ideas for him too.

Scratch Map | $26-$40
Such a great way to track all the places you've visited together, and inspiration to start planning your next great adventure.

Yellow Submarine Lego Set | $59.99
Does your guy totally geek out to any specific fandom? Most likely there's a fun Lego set to coincide. This Beatles Yellow Submarine set is cool and colorful, and there are a ton of other fun sets out there too.

If you can manage to find one (we've been trying since November with no luck), the NES Classic Edition is a fun nostalgic gift for your guy. 30 classic Nintento games built into one tiny system. Just be prepared to lose your guy for hours at a time as he takes a walk down memory lane. 

A stylish and small emergency tool kit is a practical gift every guy will want. Even if he never uses it, he'll love feeling like he's prepared for everything.

Amazon Echo Dot | $49.99
Play music, control lights, ask questions - this little disc packs a lot of punch and will make your guy feel like he's living in the future today.

Besides gifts, how are you expecting to spend your Valentine's Day? Do you love it or dread it?

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