Kids Date - Matilda

Madeleine and I had a Girls Night Out over the weekend. We went to see the musical, Matilda!
I was a little worried how she would do at the show as the last time I took her to see one (The Sound of Music) she fell asleep, and we left at intermission. She's a little older now though and in the weeks leading up to the night we listened to the soundtrack over and over again and read the classic Roald Dahl book the show is based on together too. They were actually all firsts for me too. I had never read Matilda and didn't know the music for this show either. So, I really, really didn't want to leave at intermission again. (I didn't mind with The Sound of Music as I had seen that show already before).

I'm happy to announce she stayed up for the entire thing! Yay!! Also, the show was fantastic. Double yay!! Seriously, this is such a great show to introduce kids to musical theater. It's about kids and it stars kids too. I was amazed at the talent of the young performers. Actually, even if you don't have kids, you'll enjoy this musical. It was fun, lively, and had great effects and choreography too. Loved it!

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