Let's Go To The Movies - The LEGO Batman Movie

We went to the movies as a family over the weekend to see The LEGO Batman Movie.

Bruce Wayne enjoys his life as vigilante crime fighter, Batman, but finds superhero status can be quite isolating as well. After unintentionally adopting an overly optimistic orphan, Robin, Batman reluctantly allows Robin to assist him when The Joker unleashes the baddest villains in movie and tv history from the Phantom Zone onto Gotham City.

OMG...pure family fun!

Funnily enough since I'm a bit of a Lego nerd (see here, here, or here), the original film from a few years ago was not even on my radar when it first came out. However, I ended up really enjoying it when we rented and watched it with the kids. Of course, Will Arnett as Batman was one of the funniest parts of The LEGO Movie, so I was super excited that they devoted the sequel to his Batman.

The film is colorful and fun. There's tons of action, and the animation is outstanding. It's really funny, plus there are plenty of "just for grown-ups" jokes thrown in as well. Bill and I were continually glancing at each other for all those "did you catch that?" moments.

My only complaint, was how incredibly fast moving the animation was. There was always so much movement going on and just so much to look at - it never slowed down! It was a minimal distraction though, and probably really more a testament to how crazy good the animation was. Just, me personally, found it too busy for my eyes to take. I'm glad I skipped seeing it in 3D.

Other than that, I loved it and the kids loved it too. It's a blast!

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