Pretty Thank You Notes

Do you send Thank You notes?  I most definitely do, and make sure the kids and Bill always send them as well. Thanking someone for a gift or kindness they did you is just the proper thing to do. Plus, who doesn't like to receive actual personal mail for a change, right?

So, for someone like me, who absolutely loves paper products, picking out my next batch of Thank You notes is both a big deal and just about as fun as it gets. Here are a few contenders that have caught my eye lately.

I like a lot of color, so this fun Colorful Confetti set is right up my alley. I love the colors, use of negative space, and the super cute green envelopes.

Florals are always classic and pretty. I particularly liked how the rose, peach, and red hues of the below Gold Foil Black Floral set pop against the black background.
I've actually bought the below Multi-Color set before. Simple, bright, and fun.
This Forest Friends set is super cute and would be handy to have around when the kids need to write their notes.

I love the sophisticated color palette and mid-century vibe of this Geometric Pastel Luxe set.
I don't know how to choose, so I guess I'll just have to get them all!!

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