What I'm Watching - Victoria

Are you guys watching Victoria on PBS?

Jenna Coleman is outstanding as the title character. I've been a big fan of hers since her Doctor Who days. Her portrayal of the pint sized queen is perfection.  She has amazing chemistry with the two leading men: Rufus Sewell as her trusted adviser, Lord Melbourne, and of course, her beloved Prince Albert, played by Tom Hughes.

The series is written by Daisy Goodwin. I've read her stuff before (see here), and must say I am enjoying her much more as a TV writer than author.

The only part I'm not loving is the whole story line with the palace servants. I feel they're trying to do a little Upstairs, Downstairs thing (another great series by the way), and it's not really working for me. I only care about Victoria's story line, and hate the interruption. It's like comparing queens to commoners; oh wait, that's exactly what it is and unfortunately the gap between those two worlds is just too big to bridge in one show.

However, I just found out that this is not a mini-series like I thought it was, and is actually a seasonal series! So, I guess the additional characters make a bit more sense with additional seasons to get to know them. As of yet, I have no vested interest in any of them though. Couldn't even tell you there character names and I'm four episodes in already.

Don't let my one complaint deter you though. The costumes and settings more than make-up for any shortcoming in story, and again, Victoria's story lines are sublime.

If you haven't started watching it, PBS is still airing past episodes online and on their app.

I swear, between this and Netflix's The Crown I've got my period dramas covered and I love learning more about these two amazing queens. Queen Victoria ruled for 63 years, and Queen Elizabeth II just hit that milestone herself and is now England's longest reigning monarch. The lives these two ladies have lived. I love it!

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