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I have another movie review for you today. I saw a sneak peak of the new Woody Harrelson movie, Wilson. It opens worldwide this Friday, March 24th.

Wilson (Woody Harrelson) is an overly friendly kind of man with no real filter for his words or actions. He just can't seem to help his extremely strong feelings about life. Feeling lonely though, he tracks down his ex-wife, Pippy (Laura Dern) and discovers he is the father a teenage daughter that Pippy gave up for adoption after she left him. Excited at the idea of being a dad, Wilson finds his daughter and awkwardly attempts to bond with her.

So, um...this was interesting.

I'm usually all for a good quirky comedy, but Wilson was a maybe a little beyond quirky and more just weird? It was almost a bit too over the top and so incredibly awkward to watch. Woody Harrelson actually did great as the title character. He really loses himself in this role, and I genuinely forgot I was watching him. Considering he's usually the type of actor who just "plays himself", I think this film is a real testament to his skills as an actor.

I didn't not like it though. It's just...different. More amusing than funny, and again, just so, so awkward and weird.  Wilson is a film that is only going to appeal to a very specific niche audience. If you're a fan of the graphic novel by the same name or a fan of Woody Harrelson or a fan of small independent films, then go out and see this in the theater to support small little films like this. They need you. If your tastes run more mainstream, you're probably going to want to just skip this one.

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