Glasses Upgrade

For the last few years I have been sporting these glasses. I really only need glasses to see far away, so primarily just wear them when I drive or go to the movies. These little coppery upside-down frames have served me well, but I was looking to change things up a bit.
I've noticed I'm starting to need them beyond just my car or the movie theater though. So, I wanted to get a pair that were more modern and chunky, but that still felt classic.

Enter Ms. Kate... 
Hello Pretty! 
I ended up going with the Kate Spade Sharla Eyeglasses in the Tortoise Pink Fade. They were actually the first pair I tried on, and I just kept coming back to them.
I tried on a variety of chunkier frames in all different colors. The black "hipster" frames were too much, like I was trying too hard. The colored frames were fun, but felt too specific. I even tried on some cool chunky clear/acrylic styles that I wanted to like, but just sort of got lost on my face. The Kate Spade Sharla's were the perfection combination. They're chunky, but since the dark tortoiseshell doesn't go all the way around they're not as stark as the all black frames. Tortoiseshell also goes with everything, as does, surprisingly, the pink. It's a light, clear pink that acts like a neutral and blends well into my face. It's obvious I'm wearing glasses, but the fade to pink keeps them looking light.

What frames are you sporting these days? 

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