How to Make a Snake Cake

I wanted to give you guys a little tutorial on Seamus' snake cake. It was super easy and looked so cool!
The first thing I did was look up "snake cakes" on Pinterest. Then, be prepared to lose a good hour of your life oohing and aahing at the insanely realistic and cool snake cakes out there. Seriously, they're are some really talented people out there. 

Anyway, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the cupcakes, but needed a little inspiration on how to decorate it. This photo came up and seemed well within my capabilities.

Next, grab a box of cake mix and some frosting. That's right, we do box here. I barely had enough time as it was to pull this thing together and really, nobody cares, especially not kids. No need to drive yourself crazy attempting some insane "from scratch" recipe. This is real life people! 

Back to it though, I'm partial to Pillsbury and picked up their Devil's Food flavored cake and White frosting. Then, just bake the cupcakes according to the directions.

Now comes the fun part. Decorating!!

Seamus' favorite snake right now is the Green Cat Snake. So, I knew we were going to be using green. I used food coloring to dye the white frosting to the shade of green I wanted, then frosted each of the cupcakes. I arranged them in the snake shape I wanted on a Wilton cake board. I ended up using 20 cupcakes to make a nice big "S". Like Seamus says, "S" for snake and "S" for Seamus.
Then, we got out the M&M's - regular and Easter colors. Bill literally picked out all the green ones from each bag, and I arranged them on top of the cupcakes in a striped pattern like the inspiration pic. There are a ton of other snakes and patterns you could go with though. For rattlesnakes you could use all shades of brown. For a California King Snake - orange, brown, and yellow. Wow - Seamus isn't the only one who knows a lot about snakes now. His knowledge is rubbing off on me.

Finally, these candy eyeballs and a Twizzler Pull 'n Peel for the tongue. For the finishing touch, I grabbed a package of Easter basket filling and used it to create a grassy backdrop around the snake.
That's it, guys! Can you believe how easy? The best part it, it looks pretty amazing and your kids, family, and friends will think you're some sort of cake decorating genius.

Have you made any fun cakes lately? What are your favorite birthday themes for kids?

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