Patio Progress

We finally pulled the trigger on some new patio furniture! We had been using a cheap metal set from Target for the last few years. It worked okay for a bit, but the cushions sort of fell apart on us, and, well, it was black...and Phoenix, so you know, not the best combination.
I had seen this fun Mid-Century set from World Market last year, but missed out on it. When I saw they had restocked it again, I was so excited! It's the Marina Del Ray collection, and we picked up the couch and two chairs.

It's a nice grey wicker with acacia wood legs. I thought it had just a little more style than your average outdoor wicker furniture set. Plus, I'm pretty much a sucker for anything Mid-Century.
We decided against the matching coffee table, and went with this Wood Praiano Storage Coffee Table instead. It breaks up all the wicker, plus it has storage. It's also acacia wood.
I'm a little worried how the fabric is going to hold up. The summer sun here is harsh. Everything we keep outdoors ends up faded from the sun. I was hoping the cushions were covered with Sunbrella fabric, but no go. I'm planning on getting covers for them shortly, as once summer gets here we actually won't be outside much - other the pool.
I'm also playing around with the configuration a bit too. The chairs will probably end up on the other side of the coffee table facing the couch to make a nice little conversation area. I just thought this way worked better for photos.
Now that we have some decent furniture, I hope to enjoy the backyard more. So far, so good.

Do you have outdoor furniture? How do you store/protect it in the off-season?

P.S. This Dune set from Crate & Barrel is my dream outdoor furniture set. It's a nice alternative to wicker and is super clean and modern too. A friend of mine has it, and it looks great in person too. They seem to carry it every year, so maybe someday. Sigh.

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