2017 Easter Recap

And just like that, Easter has come and gone. It seemed like we barely had enough time to fit it all in, but we somehow managed. We started Friday night off with egg coloring fun!
This is the look of a 4-year-old desperately trying to smile for a picture while not dropping his egg.
Saturday afternoon we headed over to our church to get our Easter basket blessed, which is a Polish tradition called Święconka that I've been doing since childhood.
Easter morning the kids were up early, running around the house looking for eggs and their baskets.
We followed that up with a simple, but yummy Easter breakfast.
Then, it was off to church, followed by a relaxing day at home. We talked on the phone with all our family back home and watched Easter Parade.
I was a bit late putting the annual lamb cake together, so decided to just let the kids finish up decorating it this year. I think they were more interested in just eating the frosting though.
We capped the night off with a ham dinner and, well...that was that - back to your regularly scheduled programming.

How was your Easter holiday? Do you do the same traditions you did growing up with your own kids? Have you started new ones?

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