Dress The Part - La La Land - The Yellow Dress

I have been waiting for a film to spark the sort of fashion inspiration Age of Adaline did for me a few years ago (see here and here). Well, La La Land (see here) was most definitely it! Emma Stone's character, Mia Dolan, wore a wide array of bold and super cute dresses throughout the film. I couldn't get enough!

The first, and most iconic of the film, is the yellow dress from the number, "A Lovely Night".

The scene starts with Mia accessorizing the dress with some amazing cobalt blue heels and a big red tote, but she later changes into a pair of classic wingtips for the dance number. Both looked great!

The dress, which was designed for the film, is already so popular that there are exact replicas available like the one I found above. If it's too literal an interpretation (i.e. too Cosplay or costume-y), you can capture the essence of the look with a great yellow dress. It's all about the tone here - you're looking for a nice, bright, primary yellow.

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Would you wear a such a bold colored yellow dress? I'm really loving yellow right now, so I'd be all for it. What about the shoes? Would you go with the fun and flirty cobalt heels or the quirky wingtips? I've never tried an oxford or wingtip with a dress before, but I've made a mental note to give it a try sometime.

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