Great Apps for Kids

Our kids are growing up in such a different world than we did. I feel like I'm still trying to navigate the ever-changing app/tablet/smart phone universe myself, so the thought of having to teach and monitor my own kids' online activities seems like such a daunting task. Part of me wants to keep them away from all things Internet as long as possible, but another part of me wants them to really excel in it.

That's my long winded way of saying we let our kids use our phones and tablets on a regular basis, but try to do it as responsibly as possible. Needless to say, I'm always on the lookout for good apps that are both educational and fun.

One of my favorites is the Endless Alphabet from Originator.

We picked this one up ages ago to help Madeleine learn her alphabet, and now it's helping Seamus do the same. The animation is fun and sweet; and it teaches the alphabet, letter sounds, spelling, and vocab. It's also a great primer in the basic how-to's of navigating a touch screen device.

In addition to Endless Alphabet, we also have Endless 123 and Endless Spanish, which are all equally good.

Do you let your kids use apps? At what age did you start? What apps are you liking for your kids?

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