What I'm Watching - Stand-up Comedy

I've always been a fan of stand-up comedy. It's so fun to see live (remember when I saw Aziz Anzari - see here), but sometimes it's even better when you just need a good laugh at home. Lately, whenever I have an extra hour and am by myself (which is rare), I've been watching Netflix's Comedy Specials. They're low-commitment (just an hour) and provide a much needed laugh. I can't get enough!

Here's five I've watched recently.

Jim Gaffigan - Cinco
I've been a big Jim Gaffigan fan for years. Bill and I have even seen him live - twice! His stuff is good clean fun. He jokes a lot about being fat, being a parent, and being Catholic - all things I can completely relate too.

Ali Wong - Baby Cobra
I hadn't heard of Ali Wong prior to watching her special, but I'm a fan now. She filmed her special 7 months pregnant! She jokes a lot about being Asian, a woman, and how much she hates working - very funny.

 Amy Schumer - The Leather Special
Of course I had to watch Amy Schumer's special. It was, as I would expect, quite raunchy - but come on, love her!

John Mulhaney - The Comeback Kid
I knew who John Mulaney was, but had never seen his act before. Lots of jokes about being newly married and Catholic. Funny and a real cutie too.

 Katherine Ryan - In Trouble
Saving the best for last, Katherine Ryan's special had me in stitches almost the entire time. She jokes about how much she hates her home town in Canada, tormenting her sister, and how she inadvertently once insulted the entire Filipino race. Hilarious!

There's still so many more I want to watch too - Louis C.K., Maria Bamford, and Trevor Noah. Who is your favorite stand-up comic?

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