2017 Met Gala - Dramatic Black

I'll be spending the rest of this week reviewing Met Gala fashion. Today, it's black dresses! There were a ton of them, and rather than write about them all, I picked what I thought were ten noteworthy looks. Here we go!

Halle Berry in Versace
Halle Berry wore this black and gold number. The crazy ruffles are competing with the sleek sheer base of the dress, and end up being a major distraction. Also, I'm completely over the sheer dress look. It's been done to death. This one was a miss for me.

Courtney Love in Marc Jacobs
An almost unrecognizable Courtney Love looked lovely in this black, lace dress. I would have preferred a fully lined dress and the cut-out is a little large, but overall, she's looking quite classy and polished here. Good job, Courtney!

Riley Keough in Louis Vuitton
Riley Keough's black and red number grows on me the more I look at it. It suits the event and is visually interesting. I probably would have lost or picked a different belt, and the hair and make-up is a little on the soft side for the hard gown. Still, not too bad.

Dakota Johnson in Gucci
I was a fan of Dakota Johnson's look. For an all black look, there is a lot of texture popping out with all those gorgeous fabric flowers. The horizontal straps bring structure and definition. They, along with the color, keep the dress feeling edgy instead of frilly. The hair, make-up, and jewelry all compliment the look well. Nicely done, Dakota!

Stacy Martin in Miu Miu
This may not have been the best "Met Gala" look, but I was still digging it. I loved the simple silhouette and those long sleeves. The embellishment along the neckline and waist brought the perfect amount of bling. Even the satin bow feels intentional and well-suited. Good job, Stacy.

Sasha Lane in H&M
I didn't love the bust of Sasha Lane's black tea-length gown, but the overall look made up for it. The skirt is gorgeous, again, so much texture. The head-styling and shoes brought the whole look together. She looks tough, but still cute as a button.

Mandy Moore in Michael Kors
Mandy Moore cut a striking figure in this black number. I loved the true black shade and the applique (look close and you'll see it). The one opera length glove delivers a cool effect, but it would have worked better if the sleeve on the other side stopped at the same level as the top of the glove. Great use of accessories here with the earrings and clutch, and loved the pop of purple on her eyes.

La La Anthony in Thai Nguyen
Despite being sheer, I didn't hate La La's look. The long sleeves and high neck combined with the interesting lightning-esque lines work together well. The simple hair and make-up let the dress take center stage. Good job, La La!

Léa Seydoux in Louis Vuitton
Léa Seydoux's dress was another that strangely grew on me. It's totally weird how the beading doesn't continue along her chest - like she's wearing a brassiere over top of her gown. Also, the interspersing lace doesn't seem to go, but I don't know, it's still sort of working for me. The all black of the neck, chest, wrists, and hem balance the absurdity. Her hair and make-up were very well done as well. This is definitely a case where the entirety of the look ends up far better than the sum of its parts.


Kate Bosworth in Tory Burch
Kate Bosworth had my favorite black gown of the night. The interesting silhouette was on theme, and it's somehow coming off as both fluid and structured at the same time. The sleek hair and bold red lip complimented the dress well; while the big, sparkly jewels capped off the entire look. Fantastic job, Kate! 

All photos from here.

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