Fan Girl - Outlander Season 3

The first trailers are out for Outlander Season 3! I'm so excited!

Season 3 is based off the third novel, Voyager, which I am right in the midst of rereading at the moment. Claire and Jamie are apart for many years during this one, so I'll be interested to see how that all plays out on screen.  Last season I couldn't wait for all the fancy French Louis XV costuming. This season, with Claire's story primarily set in the 1960's, we should see lots of fun mid-century styling for her this time around. Jamie is still in 1700's Scotland though, so they'll still be a lot of period costuming too. Yay!

I know, sounds crazy, but it's one of my favorite book series and now television series ever!!

Also, Lord John! Trust me, you'll love him.

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