Whale Watching & A Half Marathon

We recently popped over to California for a quick visit with my father-in-law and to watch Bill run another half marathon.

We drove Friday night, and rolled into Costa Mesa well past the kids' bedtime. The next morning we were up bright and early to go whale watching. Bill got tickets from Groupon to Davey's Locker.
We set out on the first tour of the day, which was nice because there was hardly anyone on the boat. Probably because it was a chilly morning and the threat of rain was looming.
We were all smiles as the boat headed out towards Newport Landing.
The kids loved being on the boat. Me? Not so much. The weather made for a very choppy ride. We didn't see any whales this trip, but did run into a pod of dolphins which was fun. They were jumping out of the water like crazy, but I wasn't able to get any good pictures. We also saw a pile of sea lions hanging out on a big buoy.
I made it through watching the dolphins, but shortly thereafter my lovely seasickness kicked in; and I was pretty much done. Luckily Bill does not get seasick, and apparently neither do the kids. They were having a blast with the bumpy ride and getting sprayed by the occasional wave.
I try not to let the potential of getting sick stop me from doing things like this. If I get sick, like this trip, than I do. No big deal. I've gone on many a boat/plane/car ride where I'm totally fine, so it's a risk I'm always willing to take in search of a good time.
The next day, Bill ran The OC Half Marathon for the second time. It was a cold and rainy day, but Bill was undeterred. We don't get cold and rainy in Phoenix much, so I don't think he minded the conditions at all.
My father-in-law, the kids, and I got up and out a little later and found a nice spot to watch for a bit.
We were all excited to see Bill when he ran by, and he was so excited to see us too! I think it helps break up the monotony to see a few friendly faces during a long run. Hopefully it gave him a little boost of motivation to keep going and finish the 13.1 run.
We went to breakfast after that, and by the time we were finished, so was Bill. Another successful race in the books for him.
We stuck around for lunch, but then it was right back in the car for the 6 hour trek back to Phoenix. It was definitely too quick a trip for how much driving we did, but the kids were troopers, and I'd pretty much do anything to support Bill. So proud of this handsome guy!

What have you guys been up to? Have you ever traveled a long way for a short visit? Bill and I once drove from Milwaukee to South Dakota for a weekend. We were just in the mood to see Mount Rushmore, so we thought, why not?

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