Vacation Recap - IL

We're back in AZ after a week long trip to the Midwest to visit family. We started the trip in Illinois, where the primary purpose of our visit was to celebrate my dad's 70th birthday!
We had a big backyard party, and lots of my aunts, uncles, and cousins made it over to celebrate with us. It was nice to see the extended family.
There was good food and good company, and I think my dad had a good time. He got lots of "medicine" as gifts too (aka booze).
It's always fun to get the kids all together too. Of course, mine, as per usual, were the ones who wouldn't cooperate for photos.
The rest of our trip consisted of bopping from house to house visiting with my sisters and their families. The kids had a sleepover one night. We went to a splash pad and did a little nature hike another day. We watched little league games and went for ice cream too. Basically, we kept it all pretty low key and had a nice time catching up with everyone.
After that, it was on to Wisconsin! Stay tuned.

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